• ADT Newsletter - Issue 1

    ADT is happy to keep you informed about everything that goes on at Khalifa Port Container Terminal, latest news from our customers and shipping lines, innovative initiatives, events and about Abu Dhabi Terminals as a company.

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Management Team

  • Martijn Van de Linde

    Chief Executive Officer

    Martijn Van de Linde was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Abu Dhabi Terminals (ADT) in 2010..

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  • Rex C. Gundle

    Chief Operations officer

    Rex C. Gundle was appointed as Chief Operations Officer of Abu Dhabi Terminals in August 2011..

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  • Ole Pugholm

    Chief Financial Officer

    Ole Pugholm was appointed Chief Financial Officer for Abu Dhabi Terminals in October 2010 ..

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  • Ahmed Al Mutawa

    Director, Container Terminal Operations

    Ahmed Al Mutawa was appointed Director, Container Terminal ..

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  • Ahmed Al Hameli

    Director, Security & Government Relations

    Ahmed Al Hameli was appointed Director – Security & Government ..

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  • Eisa Al Marzouqi

    Senior Director, Human Resources

    Eisa Al Marzouqi was appointed Senior Director, Human Resources of Abu Dhabi..

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  • Arshad Kunnummal

    Commercial Director

    Arshad Kunnummal was appointed as Commercial Director for Abu Dhabi Terminals in 2014 ..

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  • Mohamed Al Afeefi

    Technical Director

    Mohamed Al Afeefi was appointed Technical Director of Abu Dhabi Terminals (ADT) in 2014..

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  • Simon van Wijlen

    IT Director

    Simon van Wijlen was appointed IT Director of Abu Dhabi Terminals (ADT) in 2011..

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  • Neil Watson

    Logistics Director

    Neil Watson joined Abu Dhabi Terminals (ADT) in 2012 as General Cargo Manager..

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