Management Team

  • Martijn Van de Linde

    Chief Executive Officer

    Martijn Van de Linde was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Abu Dhabi Terminals (ADT) in 2010..

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  • Ole Pugholm

    Chief Financial Officer

    Ole Pugholm was appointed Chief Financial Officer for Abu Dhabi Terminals in October 2010 ..

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  • Neil Watson

    Chief Operating Officer

    Neil Watson joined Abu Dhabi Terminals (ADT) in 2012 as General Cargo Manager 2010 ..

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  • Simon Brebner

    Chief Commercial Officer

    Simon Brebner joined Abu Dhabi Terminals in April 2015 as Chief Commercial Officer ..

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  • Ahmed Al Mutawa

    Director, Container Terminal Operations

    Ahmed Al Mutawa was appointed Director, Container Terminal ..

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  • Ahmed Al Hameli

    Director, Security & Government Relations

    Ahmed Al Hameli was appointed Director – Security & Government ..

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  • Eisa Al Marzouqi

    Senior Director, Human Resources

    Eisa Al Marzouqi was appointed Senior Director, Human Resources of Abu Dhabi..

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  • Saif Al Mazrooei

    Logistics Director

    Saif Al Mazrooei has a proven track record in corporate environments culminating in his present . ..

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  • Mohamed Al Afeefi

    Engineering Director

    Mohamed Al Afeefi was appointed Engineering Director of Abu Dhabi Terminals (ADT) in 2014..

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  • Arturo Garcia

    IT Director

    Arturo Garcia joined Abu Dhabi Terminals (ADT) in September 2011 as Operations Gate Manager, ..

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