Rules for Entering and Working in Abu Dhabi Terminal Areas

Mina Zayed is ISPS Code Compliant. We take the security of the port and its users very seriously, and have done so from the outset.  Having achieved ISPS compliance we will continue to work at maintaining and improving a secure environment. Abu Dhabi Terminals is more secure, and better prepared to deal with the threats of smuggling, external threats, illegal immigration and domestic crime, than ever before. Steps taken to counter these threats include:

  • All port users (companies and individuals) must be registered with the Port Authority and ensure that their details are updated with any changes
  • ADT reserves the right to refuse entry to any person, vehicle or company without prior notice or explanation
  • It is legal requirement to enter the port only with proper endorsement.  Any person found on the port facility without the correct authorization will be put on trial
  • It is legal requirement that all port users must abide by ADT Health and Safety regulations, including the completion of the Health and Safety induction course

Search Requirements

a)            All persons, packages and vehicles entering or leaving the port of ADT may be subject to search by                                                                 Security and Customs officials at any access point

b)            Any person or persons entering the premises who refuse inspection will be denied access

c)             Any person or persons leaving the port facility who refuse to be searched will be detained and charged.