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Category FAQ
General Information
What is Khalifa Port?
Khalifa Port is the Emirate of Abu Dhabi’s business hub that provides an efficient regional gateway with virtually unlimited growth opportunities.
General Information
Who operates the Khalifa Port Container Terminal?
Khalifa Port Container Terminal is operated by Abu Dhabi Terminals (ADT).
General Information
Which facilities are available at Khalifa Port?
As part of KIZAD (Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi), Khalifa Port is truly a business hub that provides businesses with access to the global markets that offers virtually unlimited opportunities for growth and expansion.
Khalifa Port consists of two parts, popularly referred to as “offshore” and “onshore”.
Facilities “onshore” includes the documentation centre, customs facilities, maintain & repair facility (DBCS), mosques, food court, ADNOC fuel stationand other facilities such as office space for customers and other stakeholders. The security gate, which is controlled by the Port Authority, is also located “onshore”.
“Offshore” is the reclaimed island that includes the actual container terminal, with gates, warehouses, maintain & repair facility (Allied Offshore Container Services) and other storage, as well as a number of other value added services like seafarers center, food court and emergency response center.
General Information
How do I contact Abu Dhabi Terminals (ADT) in Khalifa Port?
You can contact ADT Customer Service on for any enquiry related to Abu Dhabi Terminals (ADT).
How do you ensure my safety in Khalifa Port Container Terminal?

The safety and security of anybody in and around the Khalifa Port Container Terminal is, and always will be, Abu Dhabi Terminals’ number one priority.
Abu Dhabi Terminals maintains the OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification from Bureau Veritas.
Anyone wishing to conduct business here must complete a safety induction that is offered by the Abu Dhabi Ports.
Is the Khalifa Port Container Terminal ISPS compliant?
How do I get a get Gate Security Pass?
Gate security passes are obtained from the Abu Dhabi Ports, Gate Security Pass Office, which is located at the Khalifa Port Documentation Centre, building 5 and building 3.
For further details regarding gate security pass, kindly contact on 02-4924700,
Who offers marine services in Khalifa Port?
Marine services in Khalifa Port are offered by Abu Dhabi Ports.
For further information you can visit to:
Access and Gates
How is the maritime access?

Tugs are compulsory.
For detailed information, please contact Abu Dhabi Port’s Harbour Master on HM.Office@adports.aeor Khalifa VTS:
No vessel will be allowed to berth at Khalifa Port Container Terminal without an approved berth booking from Abu Dhabi Terminals’ Planning Department.
Access and Gates
How is the landside access?
Trucks and light vehicles can access Khalifa Port from the E11, Exit 376A.
Access and Gates
Will I need a Gate Security Pass?
Yes, anybody wishing to enter Khalifa Port must first obtain a Gate Security Pass from Abu Dhabi Ports Gate Security Pass Offices, which are located at the Khalifa Port Documentation Centre, building 5 and building 3.
Access and Gates
What are working hours at Khalifa Port Container Terminal?
ADT Documentation Center team works Sunday to Saturday from 07.00-23.00 hours.
Abu Dhabi Ports Security department works 24/7.
Customs work 24/7 for inspections and document processing.
Customs admin officeis available in Documentation Centre from 07.00-15.00 hours.
Trucking companies operations
Do I need an RFID tag for my truck?
Trucks that wish to enter Khalifa Port Container Terminal to either deliver or pick up containers will only be granted access if they are duly registered with Abu Dhabi Ports and fitted with a RFID tag installed by ADT.
Trucking companies operations
How do I get an RFID tag fitted?
Please contact ADT counter in Documentation Centre, building number 5.
Trucking companies operations
What is the gate procedure to enter truck to Khalifa Port Container Terminal?
Trucks that wish to enter Khalifa Port Container Terminal to either deliver or pickup containers, will only be granted access if they hold a valid Truck Visit Appointment (TVA).
Trucking companies operations
What are the cargo cut-off times?
The cargo cut-off time at Khalifa Port Container Terminal is generally 6 hours before the scheduled vessel arrival.
Trucking companies operations
Is there a CFS in Khalifa Port?
Yes, CFS is located in the onshore area and is operated by Abu Dhabi Ports.
Trucking companies operations
Where do I handle the documentation process?
Khalifa Port Documentation Centre is located onshore in the area that also includes a mosque, food court and other facilities.
ADT Documentation is operational Sunday to Saturday from 07.00-23.00 hours.
Shipping companies operations
Do I require a berth booking?
Yes, vessels will only be allowed to berth at Khalifa Port Container Terminal with an approved berth booking from Abu Dhabi Terminals’ Planning Department.
Online services
Does ADT have online web portal?
Yes, ADT has online web portal comprises of many value adding e-services.
To access ADT web portal, kindly visit
Online services
Does ADT have24/7 online customer helpdesk?
Yes, ADT have 24/7 online customer helpdesk and provides support in term of trainings for all the e-services available on ADT web portal.
Please feel free to approach our online customer helpdesk at all times for any query or requirements with regards to online services.
Contact details as follows: Documentation Centre/ Online Customer Helpdesk:
Documentation Supervisor:
Tel.: +971 (0)2 492 5074
Online Customer Helpdesk:
Tel.: +971 (0)2 492 5148/ 5149
Verified Gross Mass
  • What is ADT’s role and responsibility?
Abu Dhabi Terminals (ADT) in compliance with SOLAS regulation will facilitate weighing of a packed container on behalf of the Shipper. ADT will not load any packed container that does not have a verified gross mass (VGM). Shipper or their representatives are required to either submit VGM weight prior to gate-in of a container or request ADT to weigh the container and provide the VGM.
  • What is Maqta Gateway’s role & responsibility?
Maqta Gateway (MG) records the VGM & issues the VGM Certificate on behalf of Port Authority (AD Ports )
  • Who is responsible for providing VGM?
As per SOLAS regulation, Shipper is responsible for the verification of the gross mass of a packed container.
  • Is ADT authorized to provide VGM service?
FTA has approved Abu Dhabi Ports as an accredited body for verifying the VGM. ADT have thus, through Abu Dhabi Ports, been approved as a certified vendor for providing VGM.
  • Is ADT equipped to provide VGM service?
Yes, ADT is fully equipped to provide the VGM service through the automated stacking cranes (ASC) inside the container terminal.
  • If ADT provides VGM service, will there be any delay in the work flow?
No, ADT will provide a seamless process by providing a certified weighing service fully integrated within the container terminal operating system (TOS).
  • What happens to Export cargo which arrives at the terminal gate without VGM?
When an export container arrives at the terminal gate without VGM it will mark terminal responsible for VGM
  • Will ADT weigh all the packed containers?
Yes, since ADT is authorized to update VGM for all the packed export containers.
  • What are the sources of providing VGM information to ADT?
Upon Shipper’s advice, the shipping line will update the VGM responsible party in Booking created in Maqta PCS. If Terminal is responsible party for the agent export containers can be gate in without weight declaration.
  • What transmission e-channels will be used by ADT to communicate VGM to Carriers and Shippers?
VGM will be communicated to carriers and Shipper by Maqta Gateway.
  • At what stage and from whom VGM charge will be collected?
VGM charge will be collected by the Shipper or their representative at the time of creating Truck Visit Appointment by Maqta Gateway.
  • What is the VGM cut-off time?
VGM cut-off time will be as per the vessel cargo cut-off time.
  • What is ADT’s policy regarding loading containers without proper VGM?
Packed containers without proper VGM will not be loaded on the vessel.
  • Does ADT require any certification from other loading ports to prove their IMO compliance when handling T/S and Import containers?
VGM is mandatory for all the T/S & Import containers. ADT does not require any certification from loading ports.
  • Will ADT re-verify the weights of Import and T/S containers?
No, ADT will not re-verify the weights of Import or T/S containers. However, ADT is well equipped to provide weighing service (at a charge) for Import and T/s containers if requested by Shipping Lines or Customer
  • Is there a maximum weight for containers under the Verified Gross Mass rule?
Yes, the maximum weight for a container will be as per the IMO Safe Container Convention (CSC). It specifies that each container be marked with a maximum load capacity that must not be exceeded. The VGM and maximum weight rules should not be confused. Overweight containers refer to containers that are packed beyond their maximum load capacity and must never be tendered for transportation.